To awaken people from the temporary aspect of life, so as to enable them to unplug from the temporariness, and ground as the awakened ones.

The innocent child within us has been taken hostage by the shrewd mind that we have developed out of our past hurts. This devious and shrewd mind has cast a spell on the innocent child within us. The child full of potential then started living in the limitations of a fake reality. Most of us now live:

  • Disconnected from our childlike joy and
  • Doubting our greatness and natural potential

Entire Humanity deserves to live free of this shrewd mind, with the power/greatness of love and trust. We deserve to bring the essence of joy and clarity alive in our lives. We, at Shoonyo Foundation, refuse to accept that we are helpless and need to live in this painful hostage experience forever. We can and ought to rise to our higher power. Shoonyo Foundation has a vision to bring this awakening to humanity so we all can Live with Clarity.

Sectors that we are supporting are as below