What is Integrated Human System?

In simple words, Integrated Human System (IHS) accomplishes three things:

1. Get access to practical tools to use and regulate your own mind state.

2. Clear depression & anxiety and their effects step by step from physical, mental, and emotional planes in your body.

3. Root yourself in a powerful meditative state so that you can be assured of strong mental health in the future.

Relief from Stress

This workshop helps you to discover the unique patterns through which you accumulate stress. It will also show you good as gold secrets to not just identify these patterns but also reverse them.

These are an experiential method that allows one to stay fully awake & calm and yet perform with excellence even in the midst of difficult situations. You will soon be able to stay composed, be powerful and achieve as well as maintain satisfying mind states.

Cure from Depression & Anxiety

Depression & Anxiety are two of the key mental health problems faced across the globe. We work with the premise that we, as a society, are civilized only if we can support ourselves and each other to bring mental health. This is possible with the right knowledge and a healthy emotional and spiritual grounding. This programme will get the participants to experientially resolve their mental health and guide them towards spiritual grounding.

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